: Can't Wait

When i hear your voice over the line. All I wanna
do is to keep ypu on my mind. I only had one die. How long?

Don't wanna play the pool. How did we end up like this bady.
Jus wanna play a cool. I knew always promise.

RAP: Won't you tell me baby boo what what you need way be,
I'll be the one that you need till I die baby. Let me Tell
you don;t realize, so let me televize my love so you can
fantasize. Conjuction-Function But look at the situation.
Don't waste a time let's have a conversation. It's kind of sad
but that's our only option. Let's keep it down low till I
get there uh

Դ ? Դ ?
lian er duo dou zhong la hua shuo tai duo sheng yin dou ya la
ȭ Ÿ

bao zhu dian hua you dian ai kun hai she bu de gua
ٿ Ƽ ȭ ȭ

RAP: Yeah, that's how it is, as I keep on reminess, you know
I keep it real on yes we've got to deal with this, but I'm
sick of this, pocker face acting stupid for the Show-biz
Gee-biz but wait I'll be there, When I'm done with this

ع ? ߲
wo zuo tian shui tai wan xiang ni xiang dao san dian ban
? Ƽ Ÿ

߾ Φ ӥ կ
zao shang cong cong mang mang wang dong wang xi guo de yi tuan luan
ڿ Ƽ

ұ ? ط
hen rong yi bu nai fan zong xian shi zhong zou de na me man

xiang yong ping chang xin tan lian ai you dian nan
â ź Ƽ

ة ߾ ̸ ? ة ߾ ? ?
xian zai jiu xiang ma shang jian dao ni jiu xiang ma shang kao zhu ni

ܬ ֧ Դ
bie shuo yi tian jiu lian yi miao dou kuai deng bu ji
Ƽ ̾ƿ

? ? ?
ni shuo ni ye ke wang jiang re qing zu yi sou huo jian dang kuai di
Ŀ Ī ݿ

sui ran kua zhang hai shi gan jue tian mi mi
? ȭ ĭ Ƽ

RAP: My heart is always with you even though we're a part baby.
I know you're sad and blue but that can't take as a part. Get away
from the dark baby come and see the light. Yuki, in my dream I could
with you in my Mitsubishi.

But times going are going and gone it's gone like the wind that
can't stop, but stop not at the bus stop, you in my drop top.
Yeah put time in lock. That's right. You and me baby messing
around in the parking lot, don't wake me up.

Take the time to explain my mind
xiang zhu wo

? You so fine I wanna make you mine
gen zhu wo

Can you be with me?
zhi xiang ying yuan zai yi qi

Live in luxury, and we be making precios history.
I keep your picture by my bed so I can know you're in my head.
Take my hand by your hand, and I will your eyes and my love will
see you through.

? Φ ?
zong you ren bu xian fan zhao li you guo lai da shan

Դ ܬ ? ͵ Ӥ
mei ci dou hui rang wo te bie xiang ni jue de hao gu dan
ȸ Ͽ

yao yuan de ju li jiu you bu an duo zai xin li zhuan
߿ ٿ ¥

ض ض
jin ye yue liang wan wan xin qing you dian lan
信 Ī Ƽ

ة ߾ ̸ ? ة ߾ ? ?
xian zai jiu xiang ma shang jian dao ni jiu xiang ma shang kao zhu ni

Ȯ , ʿ ֽϴ.

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