: Better Days
: үڸ(amuro namie)

ʪ 𡡪Ϊ誦ƪ
ſԼ ٶ Ҿ Ǵ ó Ⱦ

ʫ߫ ߪ骲 ê Ъܪê
̴ νΰԶ ٴ̷綼
׷ Բ ־⿡

Ī ЪêΪ ݪ骻Ī
߸ ߽νõ ڸ
߾µ ׷ һ

ުêΪ تǪ٪ƪƪ
׷... µ... ̵ پѾ

Ūخ ֧誹Ϊ ⢪٪
Űڸι̸ ߷𵵾 붼ϴ̶
޵ µ 縷 ٴٵ Բ տ ȱ

ٺ骷骷 ٪ƪ֧۪êƪ
츮 Բ ູ ð Բ

ī̵߳ϵŰ Ű ƽõ ̿
߾ ɼ ׸

ê êΪê Ī᪸ƪ몫
𵸶 ̷
и ٽ ãƿðŶ ϰ ϱ

(ê) êƪʪ ު몽Ϊ
ݶ ݶƳͿ͵ó丶絥Ÿ̽
׷⿡ ׷⿡ .. ׷..ġ ȥ 翡

Ϊ骷ƪ Ūخ
ƾöġ̶̶ Űڸι̸
߾ ̲ ޵ µ 縷 ٴٵ

᪰񪦪ΪƪΪ誦 ໪骷
쿬 ó ó δ ູ

تǪ٪ƪƪ Ūخ
ڿ Űڸι̸
̵ پѾ ޵ µ 縷 ٴٵ

֧誹Ϊ誳⢪٪ ٺ骷骷
߷𵵾䲿붼ϴ̶ ĵõٶ
Բ տ ȱ 츮 Բ ϴ ູ

Better days (Just to bring back better days)
Better days Better days (I'll go wherever you are)
Moon and stars(Just to bring back better days, I'll go
wherever you are)

Ԫ ٥ Ѫ⤪
ƽõ ĵΰ
λ ã°ž

I'll go wherever you are
Follow the moon and the stars.cross over desserts and seas
To bring you back here with me
I'll change the world if I could,
Bring back to the love we mistook
I'll do whatever it takes just to bring back better days

Better Days
үڸ(amuro namie)

Ȯ , ʿ ֽϴ.
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